Role: Marketing Intern
Division: Marketing
Preferred basis: Part-Time
Home site: Glasgow Business Park, Glasgow
Hiring scheme: 3-Round Panel
Hiring to begin: ongoing

Eden Mill was Scotland's first brewery-distillery. The first national pink gin. Pioneers of progressive Scotch methods and ready-to-drink gin cocktails. Do you want to join us?

Who are Eden Mill?

We are a Scottish brewery and distillery. We make beer, whisky, and gin in St Andrews. And we sell to lovers of our product around the world.

What sort of hours will I work?

The Marketing Intern (Continual) is a part-time, long-term placement. At minimum, you'll work 1 or 2 days a week with us. It's ideal for somebody working in the Marketing industry at the same time as studying.

If you're looking for a full-time, short-term summertime placement, you might prefer our Marketing Intern (Intensive) position.

You'll work alongside our team - around 8 or 16 hours a week, during weekdays and office hours. We also work at weekends or after-hours, at trade events and other public-facing activities. However, as an Intern who is also studying, you'll have the opportunity to forego any hours that could interfere with your work-life-study balance.

What's in a day?

You'll work directly with the Eden Mill team to execute our unique, progressive mission to transform the alcohol industry. There are plenty of opportunities to specialise and to complement your Marketing theory grounding with real-life industry experience. Some common duties might include:

  • Digital marketing (programming, strategising, draughting, copyediting, and operating)
  • Search engine optimisation
  • New product development (conceptualising, designing, and executing)
  • Sales support (developing point of sale, gathering market data, and reporting on data or developments)
  • Public relations (various duties relating to creating and safeguarding it)

You'll gain important skills, including:

  • Collaborating cross-department
  • Working with external stakeholders
  • Communicating and working as a team
  • Seeing your role in a commercial context
  • Working with specialist contractors and software
  • Establishing, understanding, and complying with a regulatory framework
  • Understanding yourself, your skills, and your interests

You will have the opportunity to specialise in one product category (whisky, gin and spirits, ready-to-drink, or beer) during your internship.

What sort of qualifications do I need?

This role is an investment in the future's marketeers, so we'd like to hear only from those training in Marketing or studying it at a university or college level in the UK. We are prepared to accept applications from applicants whose route into the industry is atypical.

What sort of abilities do I need?

We need candidates to provide us evidence that they are:

  • good communicators
  • understanding of their own importance in a team
  • creative and innovative
  • commercially aware
  • knowledgeable of and interested in our industries
  • comfortable with IT and the digital world

What experience do I need?

This is an entry-level internship, so no experience is needed. However, we do expect candidates to have basic experience in some sort of workplace or organisation.

Who would it suit?

You're creative, keen to learn, articulate, intelligent, driven to see results, and fascinated by marketing.

What sort of salary can I expect?

The starting salary is an hourly rate assessed at the prevailing National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage. You also get an allowance for paid holiday, paid training leave, paid qualifications, an extensive staff discount on our products, an up to 3% employer pension pay-in¹, and complimentary served lunches².

Where can I go from here?

We are not fixing an end date for the internship; we'll agree a notional one with each successful applicant. Around 1 year would be a typical duration.

If you've got what it takes, we have a variety of other roles within Eden Mill, and we advertise all vacancies where possible. The majority of our leadership team were promoted from entry-level and associate-level positions with us. We also support all team members with industry-leading training and qualifications, so you never stop developing your CV and skills.

Ready to get started?

We'll leave this position open indefinitely, but reserve the right to close it at any time. Please apply by submitting the online application form. Alternative formats of application form are available – just ask.

Academic references will be requested from all candidates, so be sure you have in mind a course tutor or lecturer that might be willing to provide one.

¹ subject to an employee pay-in at the required rates and satisfaction of the statutory eligibility criteria; the 3% pay-in rate is from April 2019.

² some benefits are ex gratia; subject to availability or change. No conditions of employment are confirmed except in a written offer letter/Employment Agreement.